From Provider to Patient...

The toughest little girl ever!

I have taken care of many patients and their families over the years in the ER, ICU and urgent care. I have been fortunate to have little experience from the other side of the bed. That is, until a few weeks ago when my 4 year old daughter broke her arm. It is healing well, and it certainly hasn’t slowed her down, but we did have a long evening in the ER so she could get pain medicine and anesthesia in order to bring the bone back into alignment and have a cast applied.

Showing no signs of slowing down!

While in the waiting room (no, doctors don’t get special treatment!) a couple of things stood out to me. One was a sign in triage reporting on average wait times nationwide and for this ER. It was about 8 hours. The other thing I noticed was a large percentage of people in the waiting room with seemingly minor complaints that could have been seen elsewhere with much less of a wait.

Our visit to the ER was a great reminder to me of our mission at Immediate Care West. We strive to provide high quality medical care without the pain of waiting hours in the ER or days for your family doctor’s next appointment. Some things need to be handled in an ER, but for minor sprains and breaks, earaches, colds and other minor illnesses come see us and receive care from a Board-certified physician in a fraction of the time!

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